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RSI Payments

  • We Offer You the Best Business
    Receive Money With Peace Of Mind
    Service That Will Make You Free

What We Offer

Great variety of products and services, great opportunities to make your efforts profitable. We are ready to grow with our clients and we commit to providing the best of our payment services, regardless of location, for our reputable clients.

Payment Gateway

Ea$y to implement API to link with your eCommerce $ite.

$ell now in U$D and receive in currency of your choice.

Off$hore transaction.

International $ecured payment environment.


  • Easy to implement.
  • Accept Master/Visa/UnionPay
  • Keep in USD

Card Program

We offer international brand card program to help you to pay – commissions, salary and per diem – Worldwide

  • There is a difference in our Cards Program concept.
  • No yearly limit to top up your Cards.
  • Easy to implement.
  • Exchange Coins to Fiat online.

Payment Account

Open an IBAN account with us.

Use this payment account to pay your suppliers in Europe and receive from the rest of the World.

  • Great for wholesalers, to pay in bulk.
  • Receive money into your account fast.

Corporate Info



Our vision is to be a ‘the one stop payment solution provider’, using latest technologies to achieve help us achieve this.



To be a leading fintech company offering global payment services to help companies to grow their business.



We are a technology based company. We will explore to bring you the best technologies to provide you with better service.